Karicia Cosmetics

Hello girls!
Today I wanted to talk to you in this beauty blog about the natural cosmetics brand karicia This brand tries to reconcile us with nature. The quality of a cosmetic product depends above all on the quality of its ingredients and its preparation.
They are above all plant extracts, clays and first-rate vegetable oils that turn your cosmetics into a highly valuable skin hygiene.

I show you two products of feminine cosmetics that I have from karicia that are called like me :-) Melisa, it is a moisturizer and a cleansing cream and I will give you my opinion:

cosmetics karicia

Opinion natural cosmetic products Melisa:

Melissa's Pruina cleaner:

It is for normal or combination skin. Formulated with extracts of Melisa, Linden and Arnica regulates the levels of fat in the skin. The pruinas are formulated with 100% high-efficiency active ingredients that provide hydration and specific care for the skin.

After using this karicia cleansing cream I have noticed that the skin is more balanced and hydrated. In addition, my little face is very clean.
melissa cleaner pruina

Melisa moisturizer:

It is used after daily cleansing with Pruina Melisa Cleanser, it is applied on the skin of the face, neck and neckline with circular movements.

My skin remains very well and hydrated, and that On many occasions my skin needs a lot of hydration.

melissa moisturizer

Both karicia products have extracts of Melisa, a leafy sub-shrub and vivacious, native to southern Europe. The stems have rough leaves to the touch that by rubbing give off the smell of lemon. The flowers are irregular, white or pink.

Its essential oil contains monoterpenic aldehydes: geranial, neral, citronellal, as well as several other terpene compounds. It is one of the oldest medicinal plants. Paracelsus called it the elixir of life, and it applied to nervous, heart and emotional disorders.
Today the European Commission approved its use in infusion for nervous disorders of sleep and gastrointestinal disorders; It is sedative and carminative.
In cosmetics, essential oil is used for allergies and eczema, and as a perfume for cosmetics and soaps.
What do you think of the karicia cosmetics ? Have you tried the natural cosmetics ? Kisses