My opinion about Sesderma cosmetics

Hello girls!
Today I wanted to tell you about the female cosmetics of the Sesderma brand and give you my opinion about their products.

What is Sesderma?

SESDERMA is a Spanish company from Valencia, created in 1989 by a team of professionals. It was the first laboratory in Spain that developed creams with glycolic acid and its Acglicolic line and continues to be one of the most recognized in this laboratory.

In 1992 SESDERMA opened its subsidiary in the USA. , in 2009 - in Poland and in 2012 in Mexico and in India. Without a doubt I recommend these products because they are all of very good quality and perfectly fulfill their function so let's see them.

And after the history of the brand, which you have surely read above, but there is always someone who is interested, although it may not seem like it :) let's see how interesting cosmetic products are.

Celulux body body cellulite sesderma;

Indicated for the cosmetic treatment of cellulite and localized adiposities. Recommended for both men and women.

Cellulite is a multifactorial process. An effective cosmetic treatment must act at the circulatory level (draining and toning), at the connective tissue level (restructuring) and at the adipose tissue level (lipolytic).

Cellulite anti-cellulite gel contains specific active ingredients that act on each of these levels, facilitating drainage, restructuring and toning of the tissue. Ivy (Hedera helix) and green tea improve blood circulation, facilitating venous return and lymphatic drainage.

The gotu kola prevents the rigidity of the elastin and collagen fibers, favoring the repairing process of the tissues, since it stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen. Carnitine and caffeine favor the degradation process of triglycerides present in adipose tissue. Seaweed extract activates cellular metabolism and revitalizes tissues, while promoting the elimination of accumulated toxins and liquids.
Celulex anti-cellulite gel , thanks to the action of its active principles, provides the skin with a soft and flexible appearance, increasing elasticity and reducing orange peel.
I've been using it for a few weeks and I've noticed that my cellulite is decreasing , very slowly but with perseverance, good nutrition and exercise I think I'll get to eliminate it little by little.

If a brand tells you that it eliminates cellulite in a week, do not believe it, creams help but only combined with exercise and good nutrition, so it is impossible for cellulite to go away so quickly.

You already know that palace things go slowly.


This is its texture, it's like a gel with water and easily spread:


C- VIT Liposomal Sesderma Serum;

It is an intensive shock treatment of skin photoaging. Recommended on all skin types (including acne and rosacea skins).Ideal as a complementary treatment in stretch marks and scars. Its size is 30 ml.

My opinion about this serum: I like it a lot because I'm seeing that my stretch marks are softening, and this is the best thing I could do for me.

Although realistically I know that they are only going to blur, because there is no product in the world that totally eliminates them, but I love it because it is blurring them.


C-VIT Radiance Luminous Fluid of Sesderma;

Treatment and prevention of tired skins, dull, sallow and lack of brightness. It brings luminosity and vitality to the skin, providing, immediately, a radiant and healthy appearance. Homogenizes the tone of the skin.

My opinion about this Sesderma Fluid : improves the texture and elasticity of the skin, helping to minimize wrinkles and fine lines. Suitable for all skin types. Its size is 50 ml.
Celulex belly and hips of Sesderma:
This indicated to prevent and treat cellulite and localized adiposities. Its size is 100 ml.
It's the product that I liked the most because I've noticed quickly that cellulite has decreased that if I started using it at the same time as the previous one, I think they complement each other and that's why both products work so well in my body.
In short, I liked this brand because I think it has cosmetic products all of very good quality and in relation quality - price are all very good.

If you want to buy this product of sesderma I recommend you do it on your website, which is a Trusted and economic site. To find it put your name in the search engine and it will appear.

What do you think of the female cosmetics products sesderma ? Kisses